Company Profile
NanLone Plastic Industry endeavors in the marketing of general purpose plastic products and raw materials for versatile processing of general purpose plastic products. With more than 40 years in the trade, NanLone actively expands its services. Our footholds are in Taiwan as well as the Shanghai and Dongguang areas of China, dealing with relevant products of major plastic groups in Taiwan and capable of supplying you with the best coordination. Our customers include more than a thousand large and small scale plastic/chemical processors small scales. NanLone is the best partner for you in the greater China areas in terms of material sourcing as well as processing resources.

Transaction mode
Dealership, processing, manufacturing and brokerage (channeling of plastic products).

Competitiveness Features
We are capable of matching up all levels of raw materials from any area corresponding to the cost requirements of the customer. It is possible to deliver products to customers and select processing and selecting processing factories from more than 1000 candidates of both Taiwan and China in a minimal time frame, fulfilling multiple requirements of the customer based on material, product quality, most preferential price, shipment quantity and delivery timing, providing optimal solution for the customer.