NanLone Plastic Industry endeavors in the marketing of general purpose plastic products and raw materials for versatile processing of general purpose plastic products. With more than 40 years in the trade, NanLone actively expands its services. Our footholds are in Taiwan as well as the Shanghai and Dongguang areas of China, dealing with relevant products of major plastic groups in Taiwan and capable of supplying to you the best coordination. Our customers include more than a thousand plastic/chemical processers of large and small scales. NanLone is the best partner for you in the greater China areas in terms of material sourcing as well as processing resources.

Products of associate manufacturers
Forming: Electronic, food, others
Printing: Gift box, color art, package
Special: drugs, other
Environment friendly materials (stone paper)
Hard sheet
Soft sheet
Environment friendly materials (stone paper)
Self-owned processing and manufacturing facilities
PVC facing for ceiling
NanLone has been engaged in PVC facing for ceiling for more than 20 years. We accept ODM/OEM processing orders as well.
PVC facing for ceiling
Self-owned PET production line
Production of class-B plastic chips applicable for forming process.
PET production line