Hard sheet
PVC Polyvinyl chloride
PET Polyethylene terephthalate
PS Polystyrene
PP Polypropylene

Use/ type PVC PET PS PP
Vacuum forming
Food packing V V V V
Rigid box V V   V
Stationery V V V V
Printing V V V V
Construction Material V      
Electroplating V      
Water treatment applications V      

Food class boxes
Hard Sheet
Vacuum Forming Tapes   

Applicable materials:  PVC, A-PET, PS, PP
Excellent vacuum forming performance, anti-impact and chemical resistant, applicable for producing packaging material for stationery, toys, tools, giftware and other commodities. Anti-static and anti-UV as well as impact resistant products are available based on customer needs.

Hard plastic sheet for food packaging
Applicable materials:  PVC, PET, PS, PP 
Plastic sheets with special ingredients ensure sanitary requirements in packaging. Excellent forming workability and impact resistance suitable for food packaging applications. 

Hard plastic sheets for folded-forming applications
Applicable materials:  PVC, G-PET, PP 
Excellent transparency and impact resistance, applicable for box-type packaging of toys, giftware, garments, cosmetics and food products, ideal for displaying properties of the packaged product for showcasing effects. Anti-UV and/or high-impact resistant products are available based on customer requirements.

Hard plastic sheets for office stationery use
Applicable materials:  PVC, PET, PS, PP 
Merits:  tough, high resistance to impact, easy for thermal adhesion and coloring. Complies with stationery requirements. Can be processed by punching, lamination, printing, fusion, etc. Suitable for making albums, meters, portfolios, etc. Special specifications such as anti-static, impact resistance etc. are available based on customer requirements.

Hard plastic sheets for printing use
Applicable materials:  PVC, PET, PS, PP 

Special surface treatment gives minute texture suitable for print processing, excellent for making poker cards. Due to high impact resistant and exquisite adhesion features, the product is excellent for making delicate cards such as credit card, identity card, and registration card. It is also applicable to making 3D advertisements and 3D signboards by way of vacuum forming.

Hard plastic sheets for construction material and interior decoration
Applicable material:  PVC 

Features: flame retardant, impact resistant and easy to process. Enhance weather resistance and thermal deformation temperature based on different usages for complying with construction material and interior decoration requirements. The product is suitable for making elegant decoration materials such as floor tiles and wood-texture boards when associated with printing or embossing process.

Hard Plastic Sheets for Electroplating use
Applicable material:  PVC 
Plastic Sheet for Electroplating comprises tinted metal films processed into different metallic colors, suitable for making dazzling ribbon decorations for Christmas, reflective trimmings for garments as well as stickers, tapes, etc. In addition, the product is suitable for packaging classy gifts and food products after vacuum forming, giving a sense of added value to the commodity it packages.  

Hard plastic sheet for water treatment use
Applicable material:  PVC 
The product features excellent chemical resistance, has a high thermal deformation temperature, and is suitable for forming cooling tower filler material and wastewater treatment plant partitions for achieving water treatment effects.